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Shar Becomes Sharsweeterie

My Sweet Story

I started baking for my husband shortly after we married in 2013. Soon other family members loved my sweet creations. The process of baking makes me happy.  I have a professional science background from Francis Marion University and Duke University.  I am naturally a planner and I love to create things that make others happy. Baking is both a science and also an art.

Sharsweeterie launched in March of 2021 named by Ava and Addi Wilson.

Crazy tidbits about Sharlene 

  • I love Fries (and Cheeseburgers)

  • I am left handed (sometimes, LOL) 

  • I watch T.V. standing up

  • My Favorite Color is Purple 

  • I love Organizing

  • Water is alright, but Sprite is LIFE

  • My Favorite movie is Friday

  • I tear up a bed when sleeping

  • I love Coach Bags

  • I will eat your Popcorn

  • I love all things Apple

  • I stay Classy and Happy

  • Jesus loves ME. 

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